Ash The Insomniac Drops Rotation Feat Famous Dex

Ash the Insomniac draws up a new remix featuring Famous Dex and Issa vibe! The breakout artist recently released his debut EP with 5 songs on it which includes his title track Real Ones. After achieving over 40,000 streams on Spotify Ash shot a video for his first single in Beverly Hills Crest. The video right now has over 114,000 plays with the mass majority giving it positive feedback around the world. Make sure you follow Ash everywhere @Ashtheinsomniac

Ash The Insomniac Releases His First Video Ever!

Ash The Insomniac was introduced to the music industry with his breakout record “Real Ones” which dropped late last year. The MC, followed up that record with a fresh sound telling us how lit his parties get in “Call The Cops”. Immediately after that, Ash tells us how Extra his cars, life and girlfriend are in “Extra”. Only to follow up with his introductory EP, “For The Real Ones” seen below. Today Ash follows up the release of his EP with his first ever video release showcasing visuals from his…