Dom Kennedy Drops Extra Bars on the “Main Thang” REMIX

R&B royalty Eric “EAZY” Bellinger popped bottles at the skating rink with Dom Kennedy earlier this year in their “Main Thang” video, and today “Main Thang” took on a new life as Eric and Dom brought fresh bars and vocals for the remix! But since Eric Bellinger has to put his own flavor on everything he touches, it’s more than a remix — it’s an “E”-mix.

This new twist on the instant classic from Bellinger’s Eazy Call album raises the stakes from the original as it unveils full rap verses from Dom Kennedy. The “Duplex” rapper starts off reminding everyone why he’s always down to jump on an E-mix: You name it / I can claim it / young black and famous / same with Eric B and it’s contagious.

Dom continues to deliver the bars that set this track apart while Eric flexes even more of his vocal gifts, letting the most captivating woman in his life know that she’s got ALL of his attention: Bet it all, bet it all / You jada way you set it off, set it off / And it’s a private party, no bulls*** / I’m wasted, it’s too lit.

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