LA Rapper 03 Greedo Joins Oakland’s Philthy Rich in New Visuals for “NOT THE TYPE”

Philthy Rich always stands for the streets, whether he’s on his own East Oakland blocks or vibing with collaborator 03 Greedo in Los Angeles, and in the latest video from these prolific rappers it’s clear that they are Not the Type to back down.

The cinematic visuals for “Not the Type” (directed by Pilot Industries) premiered on WorldstarHipHop this week, and anyone who follows 03 Greedo knows this song isn’t all fiction: Not the type to talk shit let ya talk back b***h / I’m the type to leave a n***a where the chalk at / I ain’t one to talk to the pigs where my cell at / N***as never trapped in the state, where my jail at. Greedo’s fans got the bad news earlier this summer that the Watts rapper was facing a 20-year prison sentence for drug and weapon possession, but he’s not letting this fate stop him from putting out as much music as he can.

In the “Not the Type” video he joins Philthy in scenes of LA glamour, with lit-up skyscrapers, palm trees, and of course the luxury cars and designer clothes that Philthy Rich is known for.

Philthy Rich closes out the track rapping about being recognized by the streets and earning his worth, The OGs always told me I was somethin’ different / Now I’m worth a few mil to sum up the difference, with 03 Greedo on the hook, Sum up the difference / I’m something too different to sum up the difference. Whether in the Bay or LA, these California rappers know who they are…and they are not the type to pretend to be anything else.

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