DLRN – “Just Be Chillin”

The Sacramento rapper and songwriter DLRN (pronounced Da-lor-in) released the video for “Just Be Chillin,” and as the first visual from his debut EP, it reveals a lot about this up-and-coming artist. The playful Spice 1-inspired bass line from producer Joseph “Joe Blaq” Macklin and DLRN’s unique voice made “Just Be Chillin” a stand-out on its audio premiere, and the creativity of the video is INFECTIOUS.
DLRN got the idea for the “Just Be Chillin” video from noticing how people from outside his neighborhood judge the place where he grew up. As he’s explained:

“People are scared to come here, to the area we live in. We’ve met girls, told them the address, and when they see what neighborhood it is, they don’t even want to come. But to us, we just be chillin…because it’s our NORMAL.”

DLRN chose metaphors for his video that speak to this calm-amidst-the-chaos personality– from relaxing on the hood of an uber in the middle of a busy freeway while cars speed around him, to riding a horse in his socks and slides, to getting a haircut while floating in a pool!

DLRN keeps his cool throughout all of life’s challenges in this video, and in his real life he’s done the same. After experiencing his house being shot up nine different times and being pushed by his family to go to college out of state, he left school and came back to California to keep living the lifestyle that he feels represents him. Now after letting music develop from a casual hobby to a real pursuit, DLRN is making his mark on West Coast rap in a major way. With the debut of this video showcasing his undeniable star-power, there’s no doubt this is just the beginning…

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