Fresh Off International Tour, Eric Bellinger releases “By Now”

eric bellinger - by now

”By Now,” from Eric Bellinger’s Eazy Call album, is a reality-check moment— a time when the singer who’s always down to turn up when some bad b****es pull up reflects on his family and the price of success. The struggle that so many people experience when they have to be away from their loved ones is a very real topic for Bellinger, who revealed that some of the song’s lyrics are directly about his own relationship and family, while others reflect what he knows many people are going through. Following your dreams often means being away from the people you care about most, and with a wife whom he ALWAYS expresses heartfelt commitment to and an adorable young son at home, Eric Bellinger knows that time spent out on the grind can be bittersweet:
Even though I’m out there with the homies / I feel like I’m all on my own bae / I wanna go back to the old days / when it was just you and me only.

The visual for “By Now” paints two contrasting pictures. One is the fast-paced tour life that’s taken Bellinger all over (including Australia!) on his Eazy Call tour, and the other is solitary time spent walking the beach reflecting on the price of his success. Just like the song lyrics, Eric Bellinger has really experienced tough moments like these after being on the road 16 days away from his family. He knows that missing that time takes a toll, but when he sees the way his fans connect with his music, he also knows that he can’t stop.

Talking about the inspiration behind his latest visual, the singer/songwriter explained that “this video is raw…I wanted to give fans an up-close and personal look at my life. ‘By Now’ has been one of my favorites for a while now and I’m excited to see that my supporters feel the same.” The excitement of Bellinger’s audience is on 10 during every tour scene, so it’s clear that the love of his fans is unmatched…but in “By Now,” Eric Bellinger is also showing the world that the love of his family is still what matters most. Keep up with Eric Bellinger, his tour life, and his gorgeous family → @EricBellinger

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