Sofia Evangelina releases ‘This Is Your Song’

Sofia Evangelina
15 year old Sofia Evangelina has just delivered ‘This Is Your Song’. A single which comes off the back of a very successful cover album released earlier in 2018 which showcased multitalented Sofia’s talent tremendously. December, being the month of giving has given us quite a treat with ‘This Is Your Song’. The song starts with a strong catchy beat and tight rhythm section which flows impeccably throughout the entire song. Following this faultless intro, Sofia takes the listener on a heartfelt trip which is full of encouragement and leaves a piercing feeling of empowerment. Admirable vocals can be heard on this release and Sofia who has delivered countless stand out vocal performance previously hits her message home perfectly. A striking stand out point is her diverse octave range which could cut through even the tightest of mixes. Likewise, Sofias previous releases have set the tone for her original work which appears to be going from strength to strength. Sofia Evangelina who is still fairly new onto the music scene having been a professional athlete for many years is proving to be causing quite a stir not only in her home country of Canada but also across the world. Tremendous potential is visible here. Sofia who encourages young people to stand up for themselves has created a footprint which cannot be missed. Lyrically, ‘This Is Your Song’ is written beautifully and Sofias genuine approach with her music helps portray her message evidently.

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You can listen to this release on Spotify or on YouTube. You can also keep up to date with Sofia through her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. You can also get the latest from Sofia Evangelina as she embarks to go on tour at her official website

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