Eric Bellinger Glorifies The Nana in New Record

In new song “Apple Berry Nana,” Eric Bellinger knows just what passion tastes like, as he describes his experience while satisfying his queen! Got that cinnamon water / Mixed with marijuana / Caramel and honey / Apple berry nana…
Bellinger has always given R&B some of the most inventive lyrics and beautiful imagery describing the euphoria that is the fine female body. But love is not just about a look, and the multi-sensory experience of taste and touch on “Apple Berry Nana” takes listeners along for the ride. This is not the song to play around just anyone…the sexiness is at dangerous levels! 
In this first single from his much-anticipated album The Rebirth II, Eric Bellinger is focused on a body part that many artists have celebrated but few have truly done justice. Giver of life (and sometimes destroyer of better judgment), rappers and singers have been in agreement that pu**y rules the world. But Bellinger knows that women don’t just want you to beat it up…they want that gentle attention too, and on “Apple Berry Nana” he’s making it known that he enjoys every second of giving it to his main thang: When we finish still need more of ya / Girl you got that euphoria. Eric Bellinger’s acrobatic vocals sound truly inspired as he recounts every second and every flavor, and combined with a track from Fortune & Xeryus that’s both hard-hitting and smooth as silk, this song is a MOOD. Take a listen and remember The Rebirth II is on the way 2/22!

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