TMG FRESH Pulls Off a Million Dollar Watch Heist in “Ice Cold” Video

Inside the real life high-roller lifestyle of TMG Fresh,his new “Ice Cold” video captures him inside a high-stakes poker game designed to have him leave with much more than card game winnings! Rumored love child of one of the greatest playboys to ever do it, TMG Fresh clearly didn’t fall far from the tree—his opulent lifestyle and entourage of perfect women are a clear homage to the legacy.

On “Ice Cold,” over a menacing beat from recent EP Mansion Music, TMG Fresh paints a picture: Million dollars I can count it blind / Richard Mille look like frozen time / Fireworks at night / Blizzard on my arm / We just living life / How could we be wrong? 

The visual for “Ice Cold,” produced by Fresh’s own TMG Films, opens with Fresh and his female counterparts in a plotting toast regarding the night’s real agenda. Later, as TMG Fresh plays his cards right, there’s a second secret game simultaneously taking place targeting the table’s poker players and their designer watches from Richard Mille to Patek Phillipe. In a recent interview, TMG Fresh reflects on the behind-the-scenes of the shoot, “We were behind from the very beginning, so half the time I was going bad and pressing the crew to move faster but there were also some super cool, super cute girls so I was bouncing back and forth between flirting with the girls and yelling at the crew,” recalls TMG Fresh.

“Ice Cold” is undeniably one of those songs that sets the tone whether you are riding in the whip, getting ready for the club or setting the mood for that situationship; it’s gonna get you where you want to be. “Between the cadence and falsetto of the hook, Ice Cold is a just a vibe, a real vibe,” says TMG Fresh.

Peep the video to see how it all came together in the end. 

He is also currently preparing for his own private Studio 54 soiree in Beverly Hills during Grammy week, where guests will have the opportunity to experience the real-life luxurious lifestyle of TMG Fresh. 

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