Jane Handcock’s Latest Single “90s Love”

“The 90s had us feeling more authentic, it was cool to be vulnerable, it was cool to be really into the person that you’re into. At the end of the day, I want the type of love that I saw in the 90s. I’m not saying I have all the answers. I just know what I want. “

Oakland’s loved R&B songwriter-turned-star Jane Handcock is pulling on our heart strings once again with her latest beautifully-crafted single, “90s Love.” Over a track that brings all the 90s era vibes, Jane’s angelic vocals describe a type of love that’s hard to find in the age of social media. I wanna live that 90s kind of love/ When they was real friends/ When they was still holding hands/ That kind of love.

After being mentored by multi-Grammy winner Raphael Saadiq (who produced Jane’s early mixtapes), Ms. Handcock has been collaborating with amazing talent the likes of Adrian Marcel on her new EP Where’s Jane? Series 2,dropping at the end of this month (with pre orders starting May 17th). “90s Love” is the first single from this much-anticipated project, and is sure to bring memories of a simpler time. The 90s may be over, but Jane Handcock is painting a picture that takes us all the way back. Follow this talented artist for more —-> @handcockjay

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