Danish Twins, FUSHIA release new single “GOLD”

Gold considers that little green-eyed monster inside every single one of us that’s never satisfied. We’ve all heard it, and it’s scary how that voice simply tends to control you more and more once you first start listening to it. We wanted to remind ourselves that life is so much more than what the media – and most of the world around us – tell us. We want to dissociate ourselves from the easy option of just playing along like blindfolded puppets.

Fushia delicately draws you into their dreamy and poetic universe where clear vocals meet quirky and powerful drums. Behind the name is the two Danish identical twin sisters, Nathalie, and Mathilde who, despite having grown up in Denmark, now respectively live in Stockholm and London. In the last two years the sisters have created their new music by sending ideas back and forth over the North Sea via Skype, drawing inspiration from the two cities’ environments and cultures.

The 22-year-old sisters speak up about their relationship with feminism, greed, and hopelessness and reflect on how it is to live in a world where people suffocate in possibilities and where time is the most valuable currency. Having often had this recurrent daydream of wanting to escape society’s pressures and go hide under a rock, along the way the sisters learned that vulnerability can be just as powerful as strength and that they can use their defiance to create art.

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