Seatle Artist DAVE B Releases New Album “BLEU”

Critically acclaimed Seattle rapper and crooner Dave B is thrilled to share his new album BLEU available now on all streaming platforms. Dave B spent the better part of the past year working on the colorful 10-track collaborative project with producers Sango, Wax Roof, Vitamin D, Papi, UMoore and Daoud Anthony. The raw and intimate project is lush with endless flows of melody while also intensely personal and introspective.  With Bleu, Dave pays homage to his late musical mentor, Seattle hip-hop legend Jonathan “J” Moore.

“This project is really personal to me, I feel like there’s a lot of themes in there that just scream what I always wanted to say,” explains Dave B. “I’ve never worked on a project for this long so we went thru a lot of changes and that really fucked with me at a certain point, but I knew I wanted to stick to the script like J [Jonathan Moore] would’ve so it made it a lot easier. We looked it up and google told us that “bleu” is an endless and unconscious dive, reminded me of how J would always say ‘we believe in a gradual ascension nigga’ lmao. But I’m just glad we finally got to release this project and I’m excited for what people think of it 2312 forever, Kari’s World forever.” 

Lead single and music video “CPU Luv” explores how the obsession with social media caused his generation to disconnect with the real world while second single “Window” opens up with an escape to let the negative energy pass by.  The album also features the inspirational and celebratory “Peace” and profoundly reflective “Grownish.” The new music has received coverage from HypebeastHotNewHipHopEssence and more. 

Later this month, Dave B will embark on a cross country tour kicking off in his hometown Seattle with an album release show at The Showbox on June 22. He’ll make stops in New York (6/29), San Francisco (7/25), Los Angeles (7/26), Houston (8/1), Dallas (8/2), Atlanta (8/3) and Chicago (8/9) with more dates to be announced soon. Ticket purchase links and venues are below.

1. Peace (Produced By Papi and Dave B)
2. Window ft. Romaro Franceswa (Produced by Sango and Wax Roof)
3. Darling (Produced by Sango, Wax Roof and Daoud Anthony)
4. CPU Luv (Produced by Sango and Wax Roof)
5. Feb 6th (Produced by Papi)
6. Show Me (Produced by Papi)
7. Grownish (Produced by Wax Roof & Papi)
8. Alright (Produced by Sango & Esta)
9. Break (Produced by Papi)
10. Pray ft. Shelby Poole (Produced by Papi, UMoore, Vitamin D)

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