“Ballet” is Bringing Even More Stars to the Walk of Fame

This weekend another fantasy came to life inside new Hollywood Boulevard hotspot BalletAs hopeful party-goers watched through the glass walls of the ballet studio front at elegant ballerinas dancing and stretching on the barre, influencers and celebrities pulled up to experience the nightclub hidden behind it, including The Game, Eric Bellinger, Josh Stone, A1 Bentley (just 24 hours before he cut off his dreads!), Leeb Godchild, Facet, Sincere Show and Trippie Redd. The theatrics of the ballet studio lobby combined with the speak-easy feel of the hidden door to the party are sparking everyone’s curiosity…and once inside the fantasy only gets realer.

Going out for a night on the town in the city of angels promises to be a movie, but what happens when every night starts to feel like one you’ve seen before? For the founders of Ballet it means the typical club experience needs something different. After starting the world famous Ace of Diamonds, Penthouse Day Club and Murano they decided to let their imaginations run wild to create a new nightlife experience that combines luxury, choreographed burlesque-ballet-hip hop fusion performances and showmanship that rivals the intrigue of Las Vegas. See some of the celebrity pics below and don’t miss your chance to experience the club that has to be seen to be believed.

Photo credits: Networkingz

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