Rapper/Producer Josh Stone Brings ALL REAL VIBEZ On His New Single “RVO”

In a music landscape that has become increasingly commercial, producer and rapper Josh Stone wants to preserve the art form he believes in. On his latest track “RVO” (​Real Vibez Only), he explains just what he means by the tagline that has defined him, stating his commitment to the truth: ​I’m just here to tell the truth/ All my words are living proof.   Stone goes on to defy gimmicky rap trends (​Wouldn’t 69 it just for the critics / Tattoo my face and hair and end up in prison/ Ya gotta be kidding), then flips it on its head with ​You can catch me in the coupe/ Smoking on the chronic like Dre n Snoop, showing his respect for legends who’ve paved the way. 
“Real Vibez Only” is what Josh Stone lives by—nothing forced, nothing fake. Real Vibez Only is also the name of his independently-founded label, a company Josh started to have the biggest impact possible on an industry that needs something real. On “RVO” the NY bred emcee is bringing his lyrical content and vocal vibes to a retro track that hearkens back to hip-hop’s glory days, a sound that adds a new layer to the identity Stone has developed over his previous two releases “Joshua Stoner’ and “Said That I Couldn’t” that are both charting.

“Real Vibez Only” is more than just a catch phrase, it’s Josh Stone’s call to action. ​In the modern age of hip-hop where everything sounds the same and everyone’s lyrical content is similar, Josh Stone stands out as a new fresh voice and beat maker. ​A life-long hip-hop fan who got serious about the craft after an injury ended a burgeoning career as a professional hockey player, Josh Stone doesn’t take his music lightly. “I would like to be that voice that stands out from the rest of the crowd,” explains Stone. ​With banging production and lyrics that will have you rewinding line for line, this is what hip-hop has been missing: ​an artist who is committed to expressing his authentic self.

Stay locked on Josh Stone here for more of the Real Vibez —>@iamjoshstone

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