New Album: Trizz & Sahtyre release “Hades”

Hailing from the Inland Empire and Los Angeles respectively, Trizz Sahtyre combine powers to create a haunting, fiery emulsion of sharp lyricism melted into lush, heavy soundscapes that they call “Hades“.

“When you listen to the sounds me and Trizz create, you feel the depth and hear the darkness. We dwell in the underground, in the underbelly of a culture that a lot of people don’t even realize exists. It makes me think of Greek mythology stories about the underworld or what they called “Hades”. It’s real.”


The 7-track piece is blessed with production from Left Brain (Tyler, the Creator and Odd Future), Derek PopeBurnin Giraph and Cassidy Howell.

“This underground shit gets real. We ain’t mainstream. The shit we go though ain’t some industry bullshit, it feels like hell trying to make it out here, so when Saht brought me the title “Hades”, it was perfect.”


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