Bishop Battle – “The Ransom Series, episode 1: The Ransom”

Fearing the worst, further fueled by signs of a struggle on the way to his little girl’s room, a father is greeted only with a very conspicuous folded piece of paper on the floor.  Opening the note, instinctively knowing what it is, the mother quickly enters from behind as the father is reading it.  She too knows what it is, and is unable to close the distance, for avoidance of having her fears realized.  The note, written by their daughter, stuns the father with a demand he cannot meet, threatening a cost he cannot pay.  Per the note, the authorities can’t be notified, or she’ll die: he must meet their demands on his own.  In this dilemma, the father is confronted with an option to take matters in his own hands, driven by an obscure clue left behind by his daughter’s captors.  However, doing so will cause him to revisit a dangerous past her captors did not anticipate, and force him to become something he swore off long ago, setting off a chain of events he will never be able to run from again…

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