E-40 Collaborator Hitta Slim Premieres “Highlight Reel”

Bay Area rap icon Hitta Slim is back with new release “Highlight Reel,” the next installment in a series of songs and videos with Slim as ” your tour guide on this Bay soil!” A rap veteran with the energy and passion that will make you think he just stepped on the scene, Hitta Slim shares a unique nightlife experience in San Francisco in the “Highlight Reel” visual, giving fans a glimpse of the Bay Area scene on a grown man and VIP exclusive level. As a long-time collaborator of E-40, Slim is often found on the east side of the bay, but as he’s explained, he gets love and spreads love all over: “I move all through the bay. I’m not, we’re not like segregated. I film in every city. I’ve got friends and family in every city. I film in Sacramento, I film in Vallejo, I film in Richmond, I film in Oakland, all sides of Oakland. I film in San Jose. It ain’t no barriers. Ain’t no territorial stuff that I stay away from because I’m pushing good energy. So, you know, I go anywhere I want. “

The “Highlight Reel” track has a hard-hitting and pensive sound compared to Hitta’s last more playful “Dog Lane” release. It paints a picture of a city that can be gritty at times but is also home to world-class fantasies for those who have the right connections. The luxury shopping, beautiful women and big smoking in “Highlight Reel” are a celebration of the Hitta Slim lifestyle and a showcase of all the Bay has to offer. As he explained in a recent interview about the process of creating the visual, “…the new style of recording for me where I just raw record and it’s just like, instead of me staging it, I just go to a location wherever I’m at. And I actually film that way. I catch everybody raw and uncut.” This drive to share a real-life perspective is what makes Hitta Slim’s projects so captivating. Stay connected below to watch what happens next…

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