Yulanda Sabrina Mesmerises With ‘Easier’

Yulanda Sabrina

R&B sensation Yulanda Sabrina is bringing lockdown optimism with her new track ‘Easier’. The singer who resides in London is proving how much quality she posses, and it is quite hard to believe that this is her debut.

She boasts confidence from the get-go. From her opening vocal, we hear the artist delve into a realm which not many go. Her sound is reminiscent of the greats, but yet it is so far in her corner it shouts distinction. I first received this track, the day of release, and I am glad I did. I always relish the freshest tracks and by heck does this track bring pure vibes.

It kicks off with a killer synth lead, and then we are straight in with her soothing voice, and the comforting vibe plays out for the entire track. Her vocals are a huge selling point, and they are giving the chart-toppers a run for their money. I like the structure she has put together here. She regularly stops and lets the music take the focal point, and that adds to the poignancy of the song, which works tremendously well.

Musically, it is relatively chill and not too flash. But I like that; the track does not need to have hugely complex fills and elements because the single hook is within the vocal section. For me, I am surprised Yulanda has not picked up the mic earlier because she has been sitting on a goldmine for quite some time from all reckonings. Either way, she is at it now, and we have heaps amounts to look forward too, especially given this is the first release to her name.

You can listen to ‘Easier’ below.

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