Scrim from $uicideboy$ – “A Man Rose From The Dead”

Half of G59’s underground super-duo $uicideboy$, Scrim, released his debut solo project A Man Rose From the Dead. The album, produced by Scrim’s other alter-ego Budd Dwyer is a 20-track mixture that ranges from melodically auto-tuned tracks to the traditional darker bass-boosted tunes that $uicideboy$ fans are accustomed to hearing.

The album was created while Scrim was self-isolating in a studio in Palm Desert, California on his path to sobriety as a way to deal with his ever-changing emotions while getting clean. Some of the tracks were composed with the intention of his cousin Ruby (the other half of $uicideboy$) being on the other end of them while others were created simply as a pseudo-audio-diary that chronicles Scrim’s journey from being completely reliant on drugs to in his own words, “a man rising from the grave.” The project became just as much of a form of therapy as anything else related to his treatments for substance abuse.

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Scrim and his cousin Ruby grew up together, white kids in black neighborhoods on the east and west banks of New Orleans. The Crescent City rap duo went on to form $uicideboy$ when they combined their talents in 2014, but the pair were already well-acquainted after growing up nearby and having similar interests. However, they initially veered down different paths. Ruby (aka Suicide Leopard) dabbled in punk rock, influenced by the Misfits, Minor Threat and Leftover Crack. Meanwhile, Scrim (aka Suicide Christ) was a DJ and songwriter with deep roots in trap and hip hop. Once they joined forces in 2014, the result was a dark blend of horrorcore glitch-trap bubbling with booming bass, ominous atmospherics, and occultist, drugged-out rhymes. Ten volumes were issued that year, closing with XX: The Infinity Saga. Early 2018 saw the release of single “FUCKALLOFYOU2K18.” Later that year, they issued “Carrollton” and “Meet Mr. NICEGUY,” a pair of singles that landed on their fall release, I Want to Die in New Orleans. Issued in September 2019, the album landed at #9 on the Billboard 200. Before headlining the inaugural Grey Day Tour, the duo released a 6-track EP in May with the legendary Travis Barker titled “Live Fast, Die Whenever.” $uicideboy$ released their newest 12-track project on February 14th titled Stop Staring at the Shadows, garnering over 150 million streams in its first week.


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