Complex Releases ‘Where We Came From’


It is always refreshing to hear a track which brings a nostalgic feel. The new record from Complex does precisely that. It does what it says on the tin, and it takes us right back to where we came from.

Singing with passion from the get-go, Chris Peevor (Complex) puts his ability firmly on the shelf for all to witness. He proves how well he can transition between the spoken word and also original singing. It is something which many rappers like Complex, wish to possess and sometimes it can come out sounding a little shoddy. But, it doesn’t happen here on this track, and it proves Complex is up there with the big hitters.

It all starts with a vocal sample which reminds me of that little sample on Akon’s ‘Im So Lonely’ piece. Is it needed? Possibly not but yet it adds a new element to the track which we do not hear all too often these days. The music starts slowly, it never really gets going massively, but yet its toned-down approach works well and adds to the sentiment which the track puts out. Also, it is a heartfelt release; therefore, it probably wouldn’t work as well if all guns were blazing.

The chorus is where we hear the real hook. It is where Complex repeats the catchy melody’ Where We Came From’, and it works splendidly. Yes, there is no considerable creativity within the chorus lyrics, but yet it does what it needs to, and that is taking us back. Also, the verses prove to be a real talking point too, with Complex explaining clearly what it was like growing up in his neighbourhood.

You can listen to ‘Where We Came From’ by Hip Hop newcomer Complex below.

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