Alternative R&B Artist 5lowers Releases “Lights”

Heavily influenced by modern R&B artists like 6lack and Khalid, 5lowers (pronounced “Flowers”) took his name after reading a book called “The Art of Asking” by Amanda Palmer. In it, the author Amanda starts her music career by pretending to be a statue bride on the street, handing out roses in exchange for donations. She then used that money to help fund her living and ultimately her growth as an artist – helping to build a fanbase that allowed her to raise over $1 million dollars for her album to be produced and to go on tour. This story resonated with 5lowers and was a big reason behind the name, along with the fact that the “5” in 5lowers represents his hometown area code, the “510” Bay Area. 5lowers is about being brutally honest in his music, saying whatever is on his mind with the slogan of “Always Express How You Feel”. Through lyrics that speak of love and sadness, the music uses modern R&B beats with expressive, almost too direct lyrics to get his feelings across.  

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