R.Been Releases Tribute to XXXTENTACION and JUICEWRLD

LA artist R.BEEN dedicated their newest release to late recording artists XXXtentacion and Juicewrld. R. Been had tremendous respect for XXX and Juicewrld and wanted to pay their respects to not only the artists but the industry. The song is pretty heavy but powerful.

Xxxtantacion and juice wrld are the heart beats of the millions. When they gone, everyone was in pain as we were in. When we got to know that we are going with hip hop for our whole entire life x and juice were the only one who inspired us. Apart from the music what we really admire them for, is such a great human being. Their lyrics always have something to say and every new track motivates us to do more and more hard work. There’s time when we were losing our hopes, their life journey always gives us a light to never give up. So, after coming out from our previous single goodbyes then we decided to Release our project in which we’ve been working for last 2 months, A tribute by us LLX LLJW.

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