Jim E MacLIVE Debuts Charting Single “I Love You”

Indianapolis-based Rapper/Entrepreneur, Jim E MacLIVE released his latest single “I Love You”. The single recently charted in the top 12 on the Digital Radio Tracker Top 150 Global Independent Airplay charts.

Sample the single below and click here to stream/download on your favorite platform!

From a city known for its basketball and football teams, Indianapolis is one of the fastest growing cities in the midwest. As far as its music scene, it has never been given the credit for its boiling pot of talent. With the latest rise of acts coming from there, comes the emergence of an Indiana vet. 

The industry can only ignore you for so long til they have to hear you out. Naptown native, Jim E Mac has been putting it down on the local and regional scene for some time now and since his last regional hit “Raw”, he has just been preparing for a major comeback. The anticipation for his return is alarming. He will bring your musical expectations to a higher level. He captivates anyone who dates to listen. With his rare Midwest rhythmic style and signature voice.

Born in Indianapolis and migrated west to Long Beach. Before returning to Indianapolis. He perfected a style he can call his own. Jim E mac is well respected by those who know him. His unique style has led him to appear on numerous albums as well as his self-released mixtapes. All this has built up anticipation for his upcoming release. 

Jim E Mac has been co-signed by some of the realest in the game. Even street legend the Real Rick Ross has embraced him and his craft. So as he gives you a twist of excitement, Jim E Mac has the secret to the new age entertainment era. Leading the way by setting new standards is the only way to prevail in this industry. With a dedication and raw uncut talent. He will surely rap his way into your top 5.

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