Suman Releases Fresh Single ‘Let Go’


Suman and Ayo Beatz team up once again on the new single, ‘Let Go’. Vocally, Suman radiates like a beaming light, and producer Ayo Beatz adds his flair to give the track a quality which we would only expect from the British pair.

‘Let Go’ combines various influences, and the result is unique. Moreover, I enjoy how Suman extends her eastern sound, but she stays true to the western hip hop scene also with a texture carrying a similar vibe to the other tracks which are popping in the UK and USA right now.

Vocally, Suman sounds pretty similar to Rihanna on this record. However, she shines with distinction also with a quality which is becoming hard to criticise. Also, she regularly switches up her style with her singing in a traditional format but also delving into the spoken word too for good measure.

As the track progresses, we hear plenty of new sounds popping out, which keeps the excitement flowing. Also, I relish how producer Ayo Beatz, includes a warm melodic loop which often echoes out in the background with mesmerising effect.

Towards the latter, Suman unleashes another powerful vocal before the instrumental takes the focal point, and it leads us to the closing stage in fearless style. However, as it comes to an end, it feels as though there is still so much more to provide here, and it does not feel like it should have ended. Maybe the final bars are not bold enough? Either way, the rest of the track is on point, and I will be keeping this track close for quite some time.

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