Birmingham UK rapper Divita Drops “Diamonds”

A bold upcoming artist, Divita produces music that defines his lifestyle heavily influenced by gospel. Born in Glasgow and raised in Birmingham, school and church were the most prevalent things in his life – he saw potential to do more. Growing up in a household where music was unavoidable; from the sounds of African gospel and Motherland classics to the sound of Pop and Hip-Hop: it was inevitable that Divita would take in such influences. Divita first picked up a pen at the age of eight for more than just music; poetry and such caught his interest. Now at the age of 18 after the successful release of his debut single ‘Kingdom’ his music career officially starts after constantly writing freestyles, and refining his rapping skills and sound: fusing together ‘ice-cold’ wordplay, flow and lyricism in his music while staying true to himself and his message with the gospel.

Check out his latest single “Diamonds” produced by byscorez

From the electric first verse to the more vocal chorus, a constant theme of laying down the love of money and focusing on the important things, especially within the context of a relationship with God is displayed clearly. The rapid-fire bars and flow in combination with wordplay and interesting lyrical choices makes it stand out as more than just another Christian rap single but a song to be heard, a song to be taken in and ‘digested’ as well as the message to be thought about constantly. Throughout the verses, Divita constantly puts forward the concern that many are throwing away their lives for money and the misplaced burning desire for it, as well as presenting the contrasting benefits of chasing God rather than money.

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