Amanda Marie Wilkinson Returns With ‘Taking My Time’

Amanda Marie Wilkinson

Amanda Marie Wilkinson opens up a new door and brings a new edge to the pop party. Furthermore, the singer who resides in New York switches up her sound somewhat and heads down a novel path ditching the electronic dance vibe we heard in her last release, ‘Spiritual Level’.

A prominent piano arrangement opens the new tune ‘Taking My Time’, leaving an unforgettable impression. Its texture is harrowing, and it points the path forward. Amanda’s vocal is subsequently accompanied by a synth hook, adding dimension to the already full-sounding composition. Amanda’s voice quickly brings the allure, and she exploits her fascinating abilities, leaving us clinging to her for dear life.

Amanda Marie Wilkinson resumes her vocal performance in solid form, smashing through her vocal performance with agility. Her approach is unique, and while her vocals are not in the style of commercial musicians, they have an indie edge that makes them stand out. It’s a tactic that a lot of musicians have been employing recently to create something a little bit unusual, and it works with her unprecedented approach to music production.

The synth finally receives the attention it deserves in the closing parts, and it takes centre stage in the bridge, with Amanda expressing herself even more clearly. She emphasises the importance of taking time and not hurrying through life; it is a message to all who are often looking for instant gratification.

You can take a listen to ‘Taking My Time’ by Amanda Marie Wilkinson below.

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