Thomas Cole And EJ Garland Drop ‘Cringe’

Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole’s ‘Cringe’ is a warm welcome, and it couldn’t have come at a better moment, given that the world is celebrating pride. The song is a pledge to raise awareness about inequity in sexual orientation. Also, with one in every five LGBT individuals experiencing hate, it’s about time an artist took a stand like Thomas does here.

The new single is not a sermon; rather, it expresses the disparity that many face and Thomas and his creative partner, EJ Garland, express themselves with sincerity. Moreover, they speak about personal experiences growing up in a world where tunnel vision is all too common; they will not be the only ones to face these types of turmoil.

The tune begins with a dance rhythm accompanied by a beautiful sunny isle movement that instantly charms with vacation appeal. In the first section, Thomas and EJ Garland have a conversation that sets the tone for the rest of the record. They quickly get down to business, though, with mesmerising vocal performances. Their deliveries wonderfully fit the vigour of the music, and the track never lacks enthusiasm.

In the last sections, the duo delves deeper into the story, emphasising the importance of never giving up, even when others advise them to ignore the widespread hatred. Good for them; they’ve hit the nail on the head and reflected what many people will be thinking about as we progress through pride month.

You can take a listen to ‘Cringe’ by Thomas Cole below.

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