Marije Releases ‘Stupid Lie’


Marije is a prominent pop artist who has only recently debuted with ‘Stupid Lie.’ The vocalist from Eastern Europe continues to rise in the music industry, proving she is deserving of the anticipation from the start.

To begin, we hear energising noises that burst from the mix with vigour. It’s a concept throughout the song, with enticing hooks and sound elements springing out of the mix like a jack in a box.

Marije’s vocals are stunning, and she has a style similar to that of renowned pop performers like Anne-Marie and even Lady Gaga. Nonetheless, there is plenty of unique flavour in her delivery that allows her to stand out and keeps her from being depicted as just another mirror reflection of what has come before.

Marije writes beautifully inspired and candid lyrics about her love experiences. She recounts what many others have experienced, that being deceit and unacceptable behaviours. She emphasises that the lies are silly, but she also states that they are undesirable and she will not accept a lie again.

The music takes a step back near the middle of the track, and Marije leads us down a new path where she introduces the spoken word. It’s a one-on-one communication hook in which Marije speaks to the other, claiming that they believe they’re special but are not; in fact, shallow for thinking they could get away with lying.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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