Jennifer Porter Returns With New Release

Jennifer Porter

Jennifer Porter’s new single, ‘Show Me Your Love,’ is a hit among the blues-roots hemisphere. The song is from her critically acclaimed new album, ‘Sun Come And Shine,’ and continues where the singer left off with her last gem from the same album.

Jennifer Porter warms the cockles with a passionate and inventive overture that gets the gears in motion right away. Moreover, ‘Show Me Your Love’ begins as it intends to continue, and Jennifer’s vocal beams from the get-go. She has an extraordinary singing style, exudes passion, and possesses all of the characteristics of a world-class vocalist.

The star communicates her message without any dissonance once again on the track, an unstoppable force. Furthermore, she expresses a desire to see some love in the world, and she intends to use her storey to bring out the best in people. Although many people will relate to the wordplay, the message remains personal, and it is a tactic that has proven to work time and time again.

The music is softly uplifting, and it’s a departure from what she’d previously provided. Jennifers also demonstrates her range as an artist by delving into areas we haven’t heard from the hitmaker before. As a result, the record gains a new dimension.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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