Julia Thomsen Teams Up With DJ Jason Cadden For Fresh Mix

Praying Moment

The next treasure to find its way to the electronic party is ‘Praying Moment’ Remix. Julia Thomsen and DJ Jason Cadden ride their inspiration like there’s no tomorrow, and the result is a masterpiece.

The music flows with energy, fusing contemporary electronic sounds with old classical arrangements, and it begins with a massive overture that will have you frothing at the mouth. Julia takes us along a traditional path in the first section, with her signature quality oozing from the mix.

A chilled out dance rhythm slaps us around the chops right from the start, and it comes with a texture that will make even the most contemporary dance producers envious. In the middle portion, the instrumental becomes increasingly more prominent, and the speed picks up slightly.

As the track progresses, we hear Cadden’s electronic toolkit produce a broad spectrum of sounds. He brings a distinct flavour to the fore, yet he does so in a way that makes it seem fresh. I also admire his willingness to experiment. So much so that he offers sounds that I’m having trouble finding elsewhere in the present EDM relaxed arena, and it’s what keeps him at the top of 2021’s most intriguing DJs.

You can listen to ‘Praying Moment (Remix) here.

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