Amun El Releases Fearless New Single ‘Freedom’

Amun El

Amun El strikes while the iron is hot on his new release, ‘Freedom (Metascience). The track from the UK hip hop musician is the type of track that will leave you itching to hit replay once it concludes. Furthermore, it stands out with distinction, and it is challenging to compare it to any other track in the same genre.

The star performer expresses himself without ambiguity when focusing on freedom. His vocal delivery is riveting, and his tone matches the song’s mood. He speaks passionately, and he invites us all to join him on his independence journey to help others break free from the restraints and chains that frequently hold so many people back in our world.

The music is equally as stimulating as Amun El’s vocal performance, and the drums hit with a power that rattles the speakers in all the right ways. Similarly, the bass line jumps out in the low-frequency region, offering a firm foundation to the already substantial atmosphere created by the drum cadence and the audacious piano arrangement.

Overall, Amun El hits it out of the park with this performance, and he resonates with many in this time of global uncertainty. His delivery is brave, and he gives us a taste of what we may expect from his future releases.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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