Deanna Chase Releases New Single ‘Work It Out’

Deanna Chase

‘Work It Out’, the new tune from Deanna Chase, is a potent blend of rnb and hip-hop influences. This new single from Chase is up there among the most exquisite new releases of 2022, and it is a display of the high-calibre rnb talent emerging from the United Kingdom’s music industry.

She not only has a fresh sound with her vocals, but she also brings a contemporary timbre to the forefront, solidifying her position as one of the game’s top vocalists. Her words show her displeasure with uncertainty and not knowing where a relationship is heading, and the audience can also relate to her feelings of frustration. She also demands that her other half resolve the situation in order to avoid being stung later on.

Deanna emerges with a distinct and enticing bridge section as the music progresses, and the structure widens up in the middle, allowing the singer to develop her sound further. She communicates herself even more clearly than before, making a lasting impression on the mind and soul.

As a whole, this is a strong release from Deanna Chase, and it provides a preview of what to expect from her subsequent releases, which are likely to arrive in the following weeks and months.

You can listen here.

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