BContheTrack Releases ‘Feel Me’ With Beaux


BContheTrack and his featuring artist, ‘Beaux’ skyrocket out of the underground scene with their new single, ‘Feel Me’. The track is out now and one which has been soaring up the RnB realms since its inception.

The new single from BContheTrack and Beaux, a rapidly developing producer, is rnb at its finest. The release emits an authentic atmosphere, and the feel-good energy flows from every angle of the performance. The lyrics capture both young performers’ passions, and Beaux takes over the airways with a message that anybody with ambition will appreciate.

The track is refreshingly different, drawing on a variety of genres and realms from previous years while yet standing out in the current game. Furthermore, the funky bassline and beat pull the listener in while a host of new sounds emerge as the music develops, keeping the ears glued to the speakers for the duration. There are numerous stops and turns, and the structure put together by BContheTrack ensures that the adrenalin never stops flowing.

‘Feel Me’ becomes better with each listen, and its ability to ingrain itself in mind is what will allow these new musicians to break through the competitive 2022 music market.

You can listen here.

BContheTrack can be found on Twitter here. @BC_ontheTrack

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