Sabi Pitt Releases New Album ‘Keep On’

Sabi Pitt

With his new standout album, ‘Keep On,’ Sabi Pitt is spreading hope by the barrel load. It’s now available to stream on all major platforms.

Sabi, who hails from the Caribbean, appears to have drawn inspiration from the greats who have already created a name for themselves outside of their homeland, and he taps into a sound that many have popularised while also adding his own distinct elements to create an album full of surprises.

‘Keep On’ comprises 11 tracks, each with their own texture and bringing something new to the forefront of modern times. With a feel-good charisma pouring out of each track, there is something for everyone. The title tune, ‘Keep On,’ kicks off the album, and it’s difficult not to sway to the infectious groove that arrives in fast succession.

Sabi rises to prominence with a superb singing performance, and his zeal is contagious, inspiring us all to make positive changes. In ‘The Second Time Around,’ we hear the vocalist serenade the ears with his expressive manner, demonstrating his vehemence. He also introduces a variety of fresh sounds and styles to the mix, and the production is constantly evolving, leaving us anticipating what’s next.

The album’s concluding piece, ‘Me And My Guitar, also boasts a female vocal delivery, adding to the encounter and cementing the album into the current songbook.

You can listen to the full album here.

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