Spectral Display Return With ‘Back On My Feet’

Spectral Display

Spectral Display are back with ‘Back On My Feet,’ and this time they mean business with a feel-good hit that will reverberate throughout the summer.

The band, who have had a string of hits since their debut in the 1980s, look to be on the rise once more, and if their streaming numbers are any indication, their popularity is increasing with each new release. ‘Back On My Feet’ is a hybrid combination of nostalgic 80s elements merged with current and up to date approaches, which the group have been exploring a lot in recent years.

Michel, the track’s producer, never lets up, slamming it out of the park from the first second, and his assertiveness is obvious right away. Furthermore, after a brief rising overture, the track quickly transcends to its boiling point, and singer Paul Simon displays his grit with a voice that glides up and down the vocal range, fulfilling the needs of those seeking a top-notch vocal performance.

The chorus generates an earworm meeting with its momentum, which you will struggle to get out of your head once it has concluded. Also, the dopamine release is significant, and the infectious melody, along with electrifying synth loops and foot-tapping rhythms, is enough to make this a candidate for summer song 2022.

You can take a listen here.

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