‘Together in Love and Separation’ Welcomes A New Era For Saskia And Chandra


Both Chandra Chakraborty and Saskia Griffiths-Moore have emerged as the prominent heroines in the process of fusing western folk culture and Indian classical tradition. Their new album, titled “Together in Love and Seperation,” is the sigh of relief that the world requires right about now; it is drenched in beauty and brings a new hybrid form to the forefront of our times.

The album “Together in Love and Seperation” consists of 8 tracks and offers something that will appeal to many listeners. Furthermore, we hear the two pioneering women bring back oldies from the vaults with a newfound charisma. They do not disappoint with their music and singing, sending goosebumps shooting skyward in the process. The song “She Moved Through the Fair” is the initial track on the record. It is the ideal way to start the album because it immediately puts us at ease while leading us down a peaceful path that is difficult to resist.

Chandra demonstrates her superiority with a drawn-out vocal performance that envelops the listener’s spirit throughout the song “Milon Hobe Kotodine,” which transports us to India and fills our ears with its exquisite sounds. Saskia demonstrates her talent in the song “Water Is Wide,” in which she strikes with pure passion, and her approach enables us to reflect on our own lives and the world in which we live.

You can listen here.

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