Natasha Vroegindeweij Spreads Her Wings With ‘Sometimes I Wonder’


With the release of her latest single, ‘Sometimes I Wonder’, Natasha Vroegindeweij has majestically taken her place at the forefront of the music world. The Scottish singer-songwriter who hails from Aberdeenshire is catching the attention of a lot of people, and it is easy to understand why—she is a real firecracker!

‘Sometimes I Wonder’ is a track that fastens us securely into our seatbelts before taking us on the adventure of a lifetime. As soon as she grabs the microphone, Natasha immediately demonstrates the palpable enthusiasm that is oozing from her, as well as her vibrant colours and the possibility that she will become a significant player in the scene in the near future.

The first single release from Natasha to reach audiences on this side of the Atlantic, and it is sure to be a hit for a very long time to come! As it proceeds, it gets progressively more active, and the composition itself is in a state of constant evolution; at the point that it reaches its peak, it explodes with a plethora of different sounds and components. The magnificent vocal timbre of Natasha is surrounded by a contagious rhythm that has a laid-back aspect, and the acoustic guitar tone wraps itself around Natasha’s voice.

Natasha speaks openly about life in her lyrics and reflects on the lessons she’s learned from the past and the opportunities that lie ahead.

You can listen here.

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