Julia Thomsen Releases ‘Walking In A Dream’

Julia Thomsen

If you feel an overwhelming sense of emotion when listening to classical music, then you can be sure that the composer has succeeded in doing their job. It is possible to say that this new work by Julia Thomsen, ‘Walking In A Dream’, does exactly that.

The new release is all that her devoted followers have been waiting for, and she does not let them down. Her passion for the natural world is once more at the forefront of her writing in this latest offering. You don’t need a tune with a lot of components to really hit home and establish an earworm experience; all you need is a piano that’s absolutely compelling, like the one in this piece.

Julia has racked up more than 3 million streams in the last few years alone, which is most likely due to her ability to connect one on one with the audience, and she accomplishes that with her playing technique, which is exemplified here.

Also, Julia pushes the box further here with the addition of strings, which lend an extra level of weight to the whole experience and make us want to press the replay button as soon as the composition reaches its final note.

You can listen here.

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