Billboard, Award-Winning Sensation Taurie Releases “Tweet” Video

Fans know there isn’t a style or genre of music that Taurie can’t flow over. Her vocals emanate refreshing, soulful aesthetics with her captivating signature flavor, and “Tweet” is no exception. Her melodies are gentle yet motivating and comforting. “Tweet” is a song that everyone can relate to at some point in their life. It’s about the uncertainty people carry and the journey to accepting the strength to move forward regardless of obstacles to capture a dream.

“Damn momma I’ve been up late Contemplating, thinking ‘bout the next day And what if I won’t make till the next day Am I doing enough.” Adhering that not everyone has someone in their corner or by their side for encouragement, Taurie provides that. Press play and allow “Tweet” to spread your wings and soar. “Fly on little birdie Don’t you wander, your wings won’t hurt ya You’ll get much farther You know I got ya So come and accompany me…”

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