Wicked Expectation Release New Single ‘Moving Clockwise’

Wicked Expectation

The Italian band Wicked Expectation, who play electro-synthpop music, have opened a new avenue of creative possibility for the genre, which continually develops and gets better with each new release. ‘Moving Clockwise,’ the band’s most recent single, is a one-of-a-kind experience and a track that will undoubtedly guarantee the band’s place in the modern songbook.

Because of the profound significance of the phrase, ‘Moving Clockwise’, thoughts begin to circulate freely throughout the mind. In addition, the song’s title seems to be a metaphor for life reverting back to its initial stage. The official music video summarises this idea by depicting the cycle water goes through to get back to where it began.

The song takes us on a trip. It begins with a crackling electronic overture while the bass and drum cadence build momentum in the background. After that, many synth layers materialise and link up with the primary vocal. The path they choose is unconventional, and they do not follow the standard procedure. Instead, they fulfil their very own vision, which is refreshing.

You can listen here.

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