Michael Lukes Releases ‘Here And Now’ Video

Michael Lukes

“Here And Now”, by Michael Lukes shines brightly like a beaming star. The new single which features Savine is a folky pop gem with both of the performers rising to the occasion with might!

The single which is now accompanied by an official music video, is a continuation of the excellent work that has been put down by a variety of other prominent folk performers in the past. Although it occupies a similar territory as a great number of other songs on the folk chart, it nonetheless manages to bring something new to the table. In addition, Michael Lukes, who is influenced by artists such as The Lumineers, is currently forging a fresh route for himself while still keeping his influences in mind. It is remarkable how he can impact us simply with the way he delivers his vocals and he sings with a genuine sense of self-assurance.

The same can be said for Savine, who brings an addition of star quality to the already distinctive track that Michael has put out. She has an angelic voice, and her tones mesh beautifully not only with Michael’s tones but also with the music that is playing in the background. They sing about life, the world in which we all spend our time, and the emotions that come with engaging in new activities and discovering the world.

Check it out here.

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