Von Venn Surprise With ‘Constant Girl’

Von Venn

The band from Dublin known as Von Venn has just released their second track to date. We are left perplexed by the fact that this is only the group’s second release, which is called ‘Constant Girl’. Gary Cox is the one who led the work for this track.

The band’s music, which immediately drew our attention and brought us closer, gives the impression that each member had been playing together for decades. ‘Constant Girl’ begins with a tapping prelude played on the guitar and drums, with the guitar echoing the displaced hits made by the drumsticks. A diatonic vocal style, speaking on life experience, is how Gary quickly integrates himself into the mix.

In the beginning, there is a vibe that is reminiscent of Radiohead, and Gary, who clearly has been influenced by Thom Yorke, takes us towards a powerful chorus. During the refrain, shimmering synths can be heard through the mix, and a female vocal harmony adds to the already vast and dense aural landscape. Given that Gary and the band acknowledge many influences from some of the biggest acts to come out of the Britpop era, it is not surprising that the music has an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the 1990s.

You can listen here.

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