Pop Singer Gabriele Kysel Explores Break Ups in “Lover Boy”

Pop singer-songwriter, Gabriele Kysel, has released her latest single, “Lover Boy.” Her second single of the year is a moving piano ballad lamenting lost love. 

The new track features Gabriele’s lush vocals and emotional keys, building to an epic soundscape of indie pop heartbreak.

‘Lover Boy’ is a song that was inspired by relationships that end on a positive note, but also with heartbreak,” says Kysel. “When you are hurt and angry, but feel like you can’t communicate it, because it feels out counterproductive and out of place. When people let you down easy, the hurt you feel remains inside.” 

“Lover Boy” was written by Gabriele Kysel, produced by Gabriele Kysel and Jean-Luc McMurtry at VLV Media and Records, mixed by Jean-Luc McMurtry, and mastered by JD Moon, and is available on all streaming services (click here to listen).

Gabriele Kysel is a jack of all trades. She writes, sings, and produces her own music, and also designs all of her cover art. Her first single, which generated over 20,000 streams worldwide, was created entire by her.

Her most recent single, “Home,” was co-produced by Kysel. This track marked an important return to music for her and opened up new collaborative opportunities.

Gabriele began her music career at an early age. She has always loved music and started pursuing it professionally at the age of 13. Music is the only way for her. Her piano is her greatest companion, and all of her music is written on it. It was gifted to her by her parents on her 14th birthday, and has been with her ever since. 

Kysel has combined two of her biggest interests and made a career out of it. Having an eye for visuals, colors and photography, and also writing her feelings out with music. Her newest work talks about her journey, and how she has come home to music. On this journey of music, Gabriele is honored to be accompanied by you. 


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