Charmaine Wohlmann Drops Debut Single ‘Avalanche’

Charmaine Wohlmann

Charmaine Wohlmann gets the show on the road with the release of her new single, ‘Avalanche’. It has a lot up its sleeve, offering lots since its first debut! The new release from the British artist, also a trained classical singer, is out now.

‘Avalanche’ is a hybrid. It is a tune that is difficult to classify into one category, and Charmaine’s skill in glueing various styles together is impressive. Furthermore, Charmaine lays down a bluesy-country base, but from it springs a universe of possibilities, with pop hooks and indie flavours also reaching out from the production; it is alluring.

Charmaine has a powerful voice and delivers her lines with an emotional intensity that brings them to life. Her remarks are plausible, and she seems to have an emotional connection to the events that have transpired in her life. Moreover, she sings about the turbulence that can frequently pop up in life; she discusses feeling on edge and meeting obstacles, but she also expresses the confidence that she can leap over anything that stands in her way.

Hard-hitting energy is present in the mix, and its power becomes more intense as it progresses. So much so we are eagerly waiting for her next!

You can listen here.

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