Julia Thomsen Charms With ‘Travelling Through Wonders’

Julia Thomsen

With the release of her latest composition, ‘Travelling Through Wonders’, Julia Thomsen brings beauty to the vanguard. Marie, a sound design artist, contributed her work to the new release, a rework of Julia’s earlier release ‘Wonderness’.

The new work is a breath of fresh air that carries us away on an experience that will not soon be forgotten. It begins with a dreamy introduction, the synths float to the top of the mix ahead of some tranquil nature sounds that Marie lays down nicely, and then the pulse intensifies. At first, the path is new, but then it veers back towards the ubiquitous area of Julia’s composition of 2022, ‘Wonderness’.

As the composition progresses, a wide variety of musical styles emerge, and it almost sounds like a movie score. As the violins make their way to the foreground and the harmonics sparkle from the production, the track grows in a lovely way, and it is impossible not to feel the world’s tensions dissipating as a result.

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