Ervin Releases Compelling Track ‘Carolynn’


‘Carolynn’ is the latest arrival from Ervin Munir, a musician, vocalist, and Talent is Timeless member from Norfolk in England.

With the popularity and acclaim of his previous single, ‘She Never Made Old Bones’, Munir is back with a new take on the folk and country music genres. He uncovers the experience of being with a depressed other and uses thought-provoking words and warm acoustic tones to get his message across; he does so brilliantly! His upbeat and optimistic delivery also completely reverses the sense of sadness that the story could otherwise have left upon the listener!

Speaking about the track, Ervin did say: “This song is written from past personal experience of being the partner of someone who was depressed. I needed to express how I felt at the time. Despite the subject, it is an upbeat song.”

You can take a listen here.

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