Kingdumb Drops ‘The One’ and ‘Hero’


Kingdumb, a producer hailing from South West England, has released a new tune, ‘The One’, which is getting our groove going in the right direction. Kingdumb, who has been tearing up the scene ever since he first appeared on it a few years back, has come through with a strong performance with this one.

Kingdumb travels down several different paths in ‘The One,’ and we are captivated by the richness of the production. He is one of those producers who has no upper limit when it comes to his imagination, and he exemplifies his capacity to be versatile here by introducing a multitude of different production techniques into his work. It is plausible to state that he is growing swiftly as a producer, that his craft is improving with each new release, and that it is only a matter of time before he is on the top stage with the big guys.

Alongside the release of ‘The One,’ Kingdumb also made available the tune ‘Hero.’ This song opens with a synth riff that seems like it was made in the 1980s, and a bass groove that paves the way for what comes next. Do not, however, let this prelude that is reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City fool you, as the track will soon take a diversion with an experimental drum rhythm developing, and at that point, you will be captivated and anxious to hear what else is to come next!

Listen to both tracks here.

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