KhujoGoodie Releases “Showtime” through Maverick Global Distribution

KhujoGoodie stands as a pillar within the Atlanta Hip Hop scene, having ingrained himself in its fabric since 1995. Emerging from the illustrious Goodie Mob collective, he honed his craft alongside industry titans such as OutKast and the Dungeon Family. Now, returning with fervor, Khujo Goodie unveils his latest single “Showtime” and announces his new position as a Global Ambassador for Maverick Global Distribution.

“Showtime” is about being ready for whatever. It’s reintroducing KhujoGoodie as a top tier mc that transcends all generations of hip hop. Showtime is that song motivates the listener to want to win in whatever game of life that they are playing. Showtime can also be that anthem for a team when it needs that extra push to get them through adversity!

“Showtime” was inspired and produced by DJ Papi who approached Khujo about doing something for the upcoming football season. “I did a version talking about sports but they wanted a version without sports references, but they never got back with me. So we was like ‘let’s drop it anyway!!'”

Maverick Global Distribution
KhujoGoodie stands as the “Global Ambassador” for new distribution company, Maverick Global Distribution.  Artists can learn more and sign up at

Listen to “Showtime” below or click here to listen on your favorite platform:

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