Germ Drops New Album ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’

Atlanta-based rapper Germ has unveiled his latest musical offering, the 13-track album titled “Every Dog Has Its Day,” released via G59 Records. Renowned for his unique style and sound, Germ seamlessly blends elements of trap, punk rock, and underground hip-hop on this album, delivering a collection of hard-hitting tracks infused with raw emotion and authenticity. Notably, the album boasts collaborations with acclaimed artists such as $uicideboy$, Lil Gnar, TiaCorine, and Black Kray.

The lead single “CC” stands out as a potent track radiating unapologetic confidence and an unwavering determination for success. Concealed behind designer frames, Germ expresses his desire for respite from the cacophony of negativity surrounding him, reflecting on the relentless hustle that propels him forward. The accompanying music video complements the track’s vibe, offering viewers a visual insight into Germ’s world.

Joining forces with enigmatic Goth Money rapper Black Kray, Germ unleashes the track “Live From Da Deep End,” delving into the depths of their unconventional lifestyles. With an aura of mystery and fearless attitude, the duo navigates a landscape brimming with luxury, vices, and boundless ambition, captivating listeners with their compelling narrative.

Meanwhile, “Espy” takes listeners on a sonic rollercoaster ride, characterized by ambition, intensity, and an insatiable thirst for excitement. The infectious hook, “BALLIN WAY TOO HARD I NEEDA ESPY, JETSKI, BALLIN IN MIAMI COME AND GET ME,” encapsulates Germ’s relentless pursuit of success and adventure.

Excitingly, fans can catch Germ live on his North American tour alongside Canadian rapper Night Lovell, supporting their new albums. The tour includes upcoming West Coast stops in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles this month, promising electrifying performances and unforgettable experiences. Additionally, Germ will be joining $uicideboy$ for tour dates in Australia and New Zealand later in the month, offering international audiences the chance to witness his dynamic stage presence. Tickets for these performances are available for purchase now, ensuring that fans can immerse themselves in Germ’s captivating musical journey firsthand.

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