Aswad Release New Album “Live In London”


“Live In London” by Aswad is an album that immerses us in the vibrancy of Aswad’s legendary live performance. Recorded against the backdrop of a sold-out show in London, this album captures the essence of reggae music at its finest and it is one to savour!

From the moment the first chord reverberates through the speakers, it’s clear that “Live In London” isn’t just a record—it’s a voyage through reggae’s storied history. The Intro Medley sets the stage with its seamless blend of classic hits, serving as a tantalizing appetizer for the musical feast that awaits.

As the album unfolds, each track is revealed like a chapter in Aswad’s illustrious career. “Babylon” pulses with a fiery intensity, its message of resistance and resilience ringing true in today’s tumultuous times. “Root Rocking” invites all to lose themselves in its hypnotic groove, while “Don’t Turn Around” tugs at the heartstrings with its timeless refrain.

At the forefront of this album are the powerhouse vocals of Soloman, whose soulful delivery infuses each song with an unmistakable sense of passion and authenticity. Backed by the musicianship of Tony Gad, Andrew Smith, Andre Hall, Isaac Agree, Henry Tenyue, and Chris Thompson, Aswad delivers a performance that is electrifying.

You can listen in full here.

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