Ervin Munir Releases New Track “Chase The Moon”

Ervin Munir

Ervin Munir, the songwriter from Norfolk in the UK knows a thing or two when it comes to writing a stand-out folk release. He has caught our attention many times before. As a result, the moment his new single, “Chase The Moon” dropped, we knew we had to get stuck into it!

“Chase The Moon” is the start of a new chapter for Ervin according to the official press release. It is also one of many new tracks we are likely to hear over the next few months and one which is likely to be on Ervin’s next studio album. There is a sense of optimism and hope on display here. Moreover, the lyrics speak about going the extra mile, really looking beyond the eye can see and pushing yourself out of your box, or comfort zone.

The music is easy on the ear. Also, the synergy between Ervin’s acoustic guitar and the Lap Steel Guitar performed by Aeron Z Jones is hard to fault! Additionally, the vocals from Ervin arise full of power and passion and their expressive nature matches the wordplay perfectly!

You can listen to “Chase The Moon” here.

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